Closed or being rebuilt?pic

Closed or being rebuilt?

I'm hoping just being rebuilt.


My New Carpic

My New Car

It's a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage.
Last snow fall of the year?pic
an interesting picturepic

an interesting picture

This is an interesting picture I took on a SEPTA train.


Interesting picture I got of Kenneth one day when riding on a SEPTA train.
Flat-nose truckpic

Flat-nose truck

A rare sight to see these days. My Dad had an amazing blue one that sparked in the sun. Wish I had a picture of it.

Update from the Twilight Zone

Now not only can't my cell phone not tell the right time, It's saying the Date is now May 21, 2014. I'm starting to wonder what a…
Going home from work.pic

Going home from work.

Depending on time of day and traffic it can take ether just a half hour or sometimes up to an hour to go to and…
Golf Driving Rangepic

Golf Driving Range

I am hoping to get Kenneth out there more often this year. He really likes golf and has a very good swing. I'll try to get video…
Late night in Phillypic

Late night in Philly

This was taken from the 30th street station. I like how Philadelphia looks at night time.
SEPTA routespic

SEPTA routes

These are all the Septa rail routes. With the Septa Liberty pass you can take all these all day long. Kenneth and I have been on just…
Philly Artpic

Philly Art

Art on the stair case at a Philadelphia train station.
wisky cheesepic

wisky cheese

This is really good cheese.
Amitiel, Angel of Truthpic
I like this sign.pic

I like this sign.

I saw this at a laundromat that I go to.
Interesting Carpic

Interesting Car

I don't know why, but I knid-of-like this car. It's an interesting color.
goldbrickdreams Jan 20, 2015
Mrs. Fisher's Murder Mysteriouspic

Mrs. Fisher's Murder Mysterious

This is an awesome show. I like it alot.
Christmas in Quakertownpic

Christmas in Quakertown

Santa Claus arrived by train in Quakertown on Saturday. BTW Kenneth calls this The Little Blue Train. As you can see this is not a little train.
Quakertown sunrisepic

Quakertown sunrise

Today we had a nice sunrise in Quakertown.
Off he goes.pic

Off he goes.

My younger brother Eric has a new job. To get there he has to take a airplane to Minneapolis. He is a good truck driver and I…
Laundry daypic

Laundry day

This is one of five Laundromats I go to. I like this cause it has free coffee. There is also the TV and a nice bathroom.
Music stagepic

Music stage

The music stage at the Emmaus river park.
Golf anyone?pic
first from phonepic

first from phone

this is my first time I am posting a picture from my cell phone

New Hope, PA

Some more pictures of the beautiful little village of New Hope, PA.
Cute little car.pic

Cute little car.

Isaw this a a car lot in Emmaus, PA. I was just wasting time so my son could watch some trains. Have to say in a way…
Inside the train.pic

Inside the train.

The cab of the New Hope train. I can see Kenneth doing this when he is old enough to get a job. Kenneth loves all kinds of…
The train in New Hope, PA.pic

The train in New Hope, PA.

It is about a 45minute ride and it leaves every half hour.

Jim Thorpe body to stay put in Carbon County

A federal appeals court on Thursday threw out a ruling that could have resulted in his reburial on American Indian land in Oklahoma.
I hate my job.pic

"I hate my job."

He looks bored.
Awesome bi-winged airplane.pic
Awesome old airplane.pic
Two cats need a home.vid

Two cats need a home.

Steve is in the Philly area and helps cats find good homes.
Late Night Golfpic

Late Night Golf

I took my son to a driving range after the sun went down. It was fun and easier to see the golf balls. Kenneth really likes playing…
First picturepic

First picture

This is the first picutre I took with my cell phone.
An old cab over truck.pic
Beyond The Minds Eyevid
Goodbye Garthpic

Goodbye Garth

Yesterday we lost one of our guineas. Garth Brooks Anderson (the white one on the left) passed away sometimes two nights ago. Brett Favre Anderson (the one…


Sunrise I saw on the way home from work.
Inside the truck.pic

Inside the truck.

Inside the truck my brother drives. I like it more than he does.
goldbrickdreams Aug 24, 2014
What is it?pic

What is it?

My son wants to know.
I like um :pic

I like um :)

It is an odd flavor in some ways, but think it taste good. Then again I like weird things like pickels on my pb&j sandwich.
Robert Plant, Big Logvid
Your in my blind spot:pic
Big Spider, take two.pic
Goodbye Mr. Williamspic
Golden Earring - N.E.W.Svid

Golden Earring - N.E.W.S

I like this song, allot.
Truth of being crazy.pic

Truth of being crazy.

Yes, I am a very crazy, but at lest I know it.


Please do not call this a selfie. I took a picture of myself. (hate that word 'selfie')
My car.pic

My car.

It is a 2009 Chevy Aveo.


The SEPTA bus Kenneth and I take from Lansdale to Norristown and back again.
The Twilight Zonevid

The Twilight Zone

This is the theme song of my life.
Do you see the cab-over truck?pic


This is the trucking company my brother drives for. (note; not the truck he is driving now)
Carlene Cartervid

Carlene Carter

Me and The Wildwood Rose
goldbrickdreams May 10, 2014

Random Cellphone Words

Quickly became the mayor for his role in the world is ending tomorrow and then everything else in Switzerland is the only way you can…
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