An old cab over truck.pic
Beyond The Minds Eyevid
Goodbye Garthpic

Goodbye Garth

Yesterday we lost one of our guineas. Garth Brooks Anderson (the white one on the left) passed away sometimes two nights ago. Brett Favre Anderson (the one…


Sunrise I saw on the way home from work.
Inside the truck.pic

Inside the truck.

Inside the truck my brother drives. I like it more than he does.
goldbrickdreams Aug 24, 2014
What is it?pic

What is it?

My son wants to know.
I like um :pic

I like um :)

It is an odd flavor in some ways, but think it taste good. Then again I like weird things like pickels on my pb&j sandwich.
Robert Plant, Big Logvid
Your in my blind spot:pic
Big Spider, take two.pic
Goodbye Mr. Williamspic
Golden Earring - N.E.W.Svid

Golden Earring - N.E.W.S

I like this song, allot.
Truth of being crazy.pic

Truth of being crazy.

Yes, I am a very crazy, but at lest I know it.


Please do not call this a selfie. I took a picture of myself. (hate that word 'selfie')
My car.pic

My car.

It is a 2009 Chevy Aveo.


The SEPTA bus Kenneth and I take from Lansdale to Norristown and back again.
The Twilight Zonevid

The Twilight Zone

This is the theme song of my life.
Do you see the cab-over truck?pic


This is the trucking company my brother drives for. (note; not the truck he is driving now)
Carlene Cartervid

Carlene Carter

Me and The Wildwood Rose
goldbrickdreams May 10, 2014

Random Cellphone Words

Quickly became the mayor for his role in the world is ending tomorrow and then everything else in Switzerland is the only way you can…
The Frankford El train stationpic

The Frankford El train station

My son like this train line.
The Frankford El.pic

The Frankford El.

One of the SEPTA train lines in Philly.
My son did this.pic

My son did this.

Yes, he drives me crazy at times, but he is mega cute in a lot of things.
Hugh Laurie in Blackadder documentaryvid

Hugh Laurie in Blackadder documentary

Blackadder, this was a very funny BBC show.
The Yellow Flowerpic

The Yellow Flower

It is growing in our front yard.
I should have named my son Sheldon.pic

I should have named my son Sheldon.

I really do love my son very much, but why does he have to be so much like Sheldon Cooper?
Hello there.pic

Hello there.

My son was playing with my camera and took this picture of himself.


This is where Kenneth and I ride the SEPTA trains.
Stolen Babiesvid

Stolen Babies

Push Button

Random phone words blog.

Today for some reason and also for a few hours left in this case it was just wondering why do people get mad over a…
Gwen and her little baby.pic

Gwen and her little baby.

This is a secne from Torchwood, Mirical Day. I like how this cute little baby is smiling while her mother shots at the bad guys. A brave…
Kenneth likes to ride on SEPTA trains.pic

Kenneth likes to ride on SEPTA trains.

Also Kenneth does not like me taking his picture. It's not easygetting a picture of Kenneth with out him knowing.
Hunter says, I am awesome.pic

Hunter says, "I am awesome."

And she is. (if you disagree she will kill you:)
The name of the moive is...pic
Name the movie.pic

Name the movie.

Can you name the movie I used for this photo shop picture? I put Steve Morrison's (from the Preston and Steve show on 93.3 WMMR) face on…

View from the front.

You cannot sit in the first row seat, but the view from the 2nd row is still very good.
2 new pics
goldbrickdreams Feb 28, 2014
More SEPTA train rides.pic

More SEPTA train rides.

This year I am hoping to take Kenneth on even more SEPTA train rides. Not only is it fun, but is also very good exercise. We do…
Do you remember these?pic

Do you remember these?

I wonder how many are still in use?
Returning to posting.pic

Returning to posting.

As this year goes on I'll be post more.
Winter Caterpillarpic

Winter Caterpillar

I found this little guy outside the house, TODAY. Bizarreland, what is it and how do I care for it? I have it in a vase (I'm…
Happy Holidays - Pets Add Life and Talking Animalsvid

Happy Holidays - Pets Add Life and Talking Animals

May everyone one have a merry, merry Christmas.
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